Soft Landscaping Dubai UAE

Soft landscaping Dubai UAE, We offer wide range of landscaping & gardening services. 

Welcome to Apex Landscape Works, where we redefine outdoor beauty with our specialized soft landscaping services in Dubai. Our Our expertise encompasses an array of natural elements, including natural grass, flowers, plants, trees and bushes, irrigation, creating enchanting and sustainable outdoor spaces.

Apex offers below services in Soft Landscaping Dubai UAE

Natural Grass



Garden Lights

Our company offers a unique landscaping solution with our natural grass carpet roll. Our team takes great care in planning and preparing the installation area to ensure maximum success. We pride ourselves on the placement of the grass roll, ensuring that it fits perfectly and looks smooth. We also take the necessary steps to provide proper maintenance of the grass so it grows strong and becomes a comfortable surface to walk on. Our aim is to create a beautiful green area in your backyard that is visually pleasing and provides sensory enjoyment when walking barefoot. Our natural grass carpet roll is an essential component for gardens and landscaping projects, especially in hot weather climates such as Dubai. KNOW MORE 

Dubai’s soft landscaping is enriched by the important role played by plantations. A wide range of vibrant flora thrives in the arid climate, with petunias and marigolds bringing bursts of color, and heat-resistant plants like thevetia and fountain grass flourishing under the intense sun. The landscape is adorned with majestic olive trees and iconic date palms, which add an element of elegance to the overall aesthetic. Well-placed, bushy plants create lush greenery and contribute to the balanced design of visually appealing gardens. Consequently, the harmonious interplay of these diverse elements transforms Dubai’s gardens into enchanting spaces, where the beauty of nature seamlessly blends with the city’s unique environment. KNOW MORE

Our backyard garden thrives thanks to our reliable automatic irrigation system. This advanced setup is carefully designed with sprinklers to ensure that our natural lawn receives the perfect amount of water. It operates like a helpful garden caretaker, precisely providing each plant with the necessary hydration. Not only does this impressive technology maintain the lush greenspace, but it also conserves water. As we stroll through the garden, we experience a harmonious blend of nature and innovation – the ultimate result being a vibrant and gorgeous landscape, day after day. At Apex, we use budget-friendly, high-quality automatic irrigation systems to save on costly DEWA bills while never compromising on results. KNOW MORE

With precision and intention, garden lights can elevate the natural allure of a backyard garden. Every detail of the landscape is gracefully illuminated, producing a serene and enchanting environment that evokes a sense of wonder and tranquility. The thoughtful placement of each light creates a beautiful play of shadows and illumination, accentuating the textures and colors of the garden. Whether highlighting a lush lawn or an array of carefully selected flora, garden lights add a touch of magic to the outdoor space, transforming it into a nocturnal wonderland. Each light is more than just a fixture, but a vital element in the storytelling narrative of the garden, fostering a sense of mystical charm and appreciating the beauty of nature’s intricacies. KNOW MORE

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    Artificial Grass additional feature of Soft Landscaping Dubai UAE

    In the sunny land of Dubai, soft landscaping is like creating a cool oasis in the desert using smart tricks. Imagine artificial grass that stays green without needing lots of water – it’s like magic! This fake grass buddies up with sturdy plants that can handle the heat, making our outdoor space look lush. And get this – a smart watering system makes sure everything gets just enough water. When the sun sets, special lights turn on, making our garden look like a fairy tale. So, in Dubai, our outdoor spot is a mix of clever fake grass, tough plants, automatic watering, and twinkling lights, creating a pretty and easy-to-care-for green paradise.