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Tree Removal Service includes Tree Roots Removal & Trees Stump Removal, Tree Trimming & Tree Cutting


We offer damas, palms, and all types of tree removal and tree relocation service.

Removing big tree from roots with stumps is not only tricky but very difficult task, especially when trees are too old, very big, and are placed in a closed vicinity either in residential or in commercial properties. Apex team knows well tree removal job description, offers residential tree removal Dubai. Apex is one of the best tree removal company based in Dubai. We apply for tree removal as per Dubai tree removal regulations.

Apex Landscape Works specialized team offers Tree removal Service from every difficult sites and carts away disposal at municipality approved sites. Contact Us on info@apexlandscapeworks or call 0524837964

Apex landscape works is a residential tree removal company offer tree removal in Dubai and across United Arab Emirates. 

Tree Removal Site Inspection.

It is very important to inspect site and find the best possible ways to remove trees with stumps. Our expert inspects sites by keeping on record the available irrigation pipes, electrical cables, Drainage pipes and manholes, Dewa Connections and DEWA, SEWA, etc connections and DBs, Etisalat lines etc. It is always considered the pits sizes, usage of machinery, available space to bring heavy machineries, the nearby structure like walls, roads, or any other facilities etc. Besides access to site, dump removal access is also assess.

Irrigation Inspection.

After inspection, before starting cutting of trees branches and deep digging for roots removal, an intensive care is taken to make irrigation pipes safe but mostly irrigation pipes break during tree removal work because these pipe remain under ground and mostly roots of Tree like Dams get into irrigation and drainage pipes. So we make sure to make these pipes safe but if they break we repair those pipes back to make those pipes functional again.

Electric and Cabling Inspection.

After inspection, before starting cutting of trees branches and deep digging for roots removal, an intensive care is taken to make Electrical and Etisalat Connections safe because there is huge fine from Government agencies against damage of any Government facility, therefore Apex Landscape Team takes special measures to provide safety of these facilities and some projects, it is necessary to approval from Government agencies to do the project, so Apex team seeks those approvals.

Tree Cuttings Service

It is not easy task to cut huge trees branches, and remove their stumps. Especially old and big Damas Trees, We are specialized in removing big dams trees in a very close residential and commercial areas. We use manual saw, axes digging tools, electrical, petrol machineries, and chains to cut trees and remove stumps.

Tree Stump Digging.

This done either manually, or with the use of JCB, excavation heavy machineries. The digging and pulling of primary and secondary roots with stumps is necessary to kill unwanted plants and tree. Damas trees roots and stumps, if not properly removed, grows again. Apex Landscape Works specialized team removes deep damas roots with stumps to make sure that those may not grow again.

After cutting trees and removal of roots, we clean site and remove all waste, garbage of trees from site to the municipality approved site.

Plants Service.

After complete removal of unwanted trees with stump, we fill pits with soil and compost, and install new plantation with tress, shrubs, flowering plants as desired by the client.

Irrigation Maintenance.

Reconnection of irrigation system and electrical connection is must. Before handing over site to the client, we reconnect all necessary irrigation system installation and repair electrical connection to let systems function properly.

Our Services includes all kinds of Trees cuttings and Trees wastage removal to Municipality wastage site. Especially Damas Tree (Conocorpus Trees), which are banned by Dubai Municipality because of its hazardous root system for buildings and structures. Apex Landscape Works provides best affordable landscaping and tree removal services. Tree Removal Near me. We offer budget friendly tree removal prices. We use best tree removal tools.  Mostly clients inquire to remove trees on my property, we are always on time to offer service.

While tree removal is the choice of last resort, it is sometimes most necessary. Sick trees, trees that uproot sidewalks, cause cracks in the foundation, disrupt sewer lines, have sustained severe storm damage or trees that are simply too close to important structures are all examples of trees that are ripe for removal. For More Phots Click Here. For More Video Click Here.

    Damas Trees Removal Service in Dubai

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