APEX LANDSCAPE WORKS TEAM aims in Modern Villa Landscaping design there we chose each soft landscaping and hard landscaping aspects in a more unique way. 

Villa Landscaping Design Include:

Build Walkway and Seating Area;

Use of modern stones, pebbles, top quality marble and granite for walkways and seating areas.

Use Of Waterproof Garden Lights;

 Chose best quality outdoor water proof garden lights either flash or bollard lights for pathways, spike lights seating area, fairy or hanging  lights for trees and wall mounted lights for Modern Villa Garden.

Installation of Water Feature;

Water feature or water fountain is the key element modern landscaping design. Selection of the best place likely in front yard or in backyard near to sitting area, enhance the beauty of the garden. Marble or granite remains the best preference for decorative water fountain. 

Making Raised Planter Boxes;

Planter boxes is key element of hard landscaping. Build a beautiful stone capped planter box raised up-to 30 cm. It ads immense beauty in the modern villa landscaping.

Build A Pergola or Gazebo;

Pergola and Gazebo are build to cover sitting area from sunlight at day time and provide shade with beautiful lights in the time. Build an amazing meranti wood pergola or gazebo and enhance beauty of your backyard modern landscaping garden.

Architect A Spacious Swimming Pool;

Dubai is a hot city, making a beautiful swimming pool not increase the beauty of your backyard garden but it keeps temperature control of the garden area. Design amazing swimming pool with jacuzzi, heating and cooling system with waterproof swimming pool lights. It will enhance the attraction of your backyard landscaping.

Chose Evergreen Trees and Plants;

It is not an easy job to select weather and environment friendly trees and plants for your garden. Wise choice of evergreen plants and trees and right place for planting them is very essential for modern villa landscaping.

Install Irrigation System;

Install a modern irrigation system which may not over water plants, trees and grass or under water them. A best designed irrigation system will not only save your cash but it will keep you hassle free. You will not be bothering for plants and trees watering anymore because modern irrigation system functions automictically.

Chose Natural Grass OR Best Artificial Grass;

Selection of Artificial Grass over Natural Grass is very tricky and difficult. Natural Grass keeps Garden Ecosystem cool and calm but it is difficult and costly to maintain while Artificial Grass is just opposite to it. Prefer any grass of your choice and Install Artificial Grass or Natural Grass professionally to give a beautiful look to your Modern Landscape Villa.

We invite you to Contact Us to  build the most Modern and Beautifully designed landscaping garden with all above mention features. For photos visit Gallery 

IMG 20220328 190406         


Swimming Pool with Seasonal Flowers

Villa Garden Landscaping 5 1


Planter Box with Granite Fixing and Water proof Garden Lights

Apex Landscape Works photos 5 1


White Pebbles and Colorful Leaf Plants

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White Pebbles and Flowering Plants

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White Pebbles and Tile work