Chain-link-fencing available for sports fields, commercial and residential purposes.

    These types of meshes are widely used for fencing purposes such as fencing of farms, sport arenas, security establishments, highways etc. The material used is mostly low carbon steel but are manufactured in a variety of coatings. The application of chain link fence determines the type of coating required for the purpose. Some of coatings are listed below:

    Electro Galvanize Chain-link-Fencing

    It is the most common type of chain link used due to its cheaper cost and resistance to corrosion.

    Hot Dip Galvanized Chain-link-Fencing

    This type of chain link is used in a much demanding corrosive or high humidity environments. This coatings form a much stronger protective layer of zinc than the electro galvanized coating thus offer larger resistance to corrosion. They tend to be more expensive than the electrogalvanized coating.


    Chain link Fencing 4

    PVC Coated Chain-link-Fencing

    This type of coating offer excellent resistance to corrosion in acidic and corrosive environments. PVC is non reactive in acidic or high humidity conditions. It offers a tradeoff between electro galvanized and hot dip in terms of cost and resistance to corrosion. PVC coated chain link is weaker in strength than the electrogalvanized and hot dip for the same thickness.


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