Artificial Grass is not alternate to Natural Grass and Natural Plantation but it has its own benefit and beauty. Apex Landscape Works supply and Install Highest Quality of Artificial Turf with o7 years warranty.  It is supplied and installed with lot of care and responsibility.

How to Install Artificial Grass professionally?

Installation Step No: 01

Removal of existing excessive sand, dirt, natural grass if existed. ET
Our experts will arrive at your property and starts preparation of site. Preparation of site for Artificial Turf includes site cleaning, initial levelling, and compaction of soil. They will cut and rejoin irrigation system if it is already installed and they will remove natural grass, debris, gravel, sand etc to prepare site ready for making base for grass installation.
Step No: 02

Base preparation turf installation:

Once excessive soil, grass, debris is removed, the initial level of soil is achieved, it will be properly watered and well compacted for making black sand base preparation. Compaction helps in achieving initial level and makes site condition hard in case of future rain.

 Step No: 03

Installation of  interlock/brick edging.

The use of interlocking edge is not a choice but mandatory. It is used to give shape to the site and sticking edge for grass. it is also used for better turf fixings.

Step No: 04

Geo-Textile layer installation:

Application of geotextile layer to avoid growing of weeds or grass remains.  It is a best weed barrier and give a long time durability of turf .

Step No: 05

Black sand base preparation:

Black sand aggregation up to 5 cm is used make a strong hard base for installation of grass. It is either mixed with cement to make further harder and make a semi-concrete base or it is just made with black sand.

Step No: 05

Compaction of black sand:

Again for achieving a hard and stable base, black sand is compacted again, so stable base is formed.

Step No: 06

Black sand base levelling:

A perfect black sand base levelled is achieved by levelling compacted sand. It is a tricky worth and it is done with lot of care and professional main power.

Step No: 07

Artificial grass laying:

Selection of best quality Artificial Grass is not a choice but it is very important for every Garden.

Apex Landscape Works Team selects best quality, UV-Resisted, Kids and Pet Friendly grass with high density for your Garden. Laying of grass is done professionally and with more care so desirable result is achieved.

Step No: 08

Seaming, edging and cutting of grass:

After laying of grass, all seams are carefully cut so grass joints may not be visible and fix properly. Joining Tap is used between each grass piece so a proper glue maybe used and proper joint is fixed.

Step No: 09

Joints fixing and gluing:

After seaming, joints cuttings, and joining taps are used, Proper glue is done so all joints become stable and invisible. This is very important and tricky part of Artificial Turf laying, So Apex Landscape Works professional Grass fixing team makes it possible with care. All joints and seams are glued properly with cleanliness.

Step No: 09

Silica sand application:

Many residential artificial grass does not need Silica sand application but many clients wants to use it for additional care and beauty of grass installations. Apex Landscape Team brings special; grade silica sand and apply and spread on grass and level it properly to achieve desire results.

Step No: 10

Site cleaning after turf installation:

After installation of Best Quality affordable Artificial Grass by Apex Landscape Team, a thorough site cleaning is done. For Phots Click Here. For More Video Click Here