Regular Landscape Maintenance Work:

Apex landscape Work provides best Landscape Maintenance Services for owners and tenants of the residential and commercial landscape in a very reasonable price.

Our best landscape maintenance Services Includes:

• Cleaning of all garden areas.
• Lawn mowing and cleaning of lawns.
• Pruning and shaping of the plants/shrubs/hedges and tress by expert Gardner.
• Ground cover shaping and edgings.

• Pest and disease control by application of Dubai Municipality Approved pesticides.
• Weed control by hand picking and weedicide application
• Tree maintenance e.g. liming up and maintaining proper form 

• Fertilizer application for healthy plants growth. Selection of fertilizer like NPK, Potassium, Compo, etc
• Edging for lawns by Edge cutter.

• Leaves, trees wastage removal.
• Irrigation system maintenance repairs, maintenance of sprinklers, solenoid valves, poly pipes, dippers, bubblers, emitters, control box, hunter or rain bird timer.

• Garden Lights Decor Maintenance includes, Spike lights, wall mounted lights, bollard lights, or flash ground lights.

Seasonal or Winter Landscape Garden Maintenance:

Seasonal maintenance of landscape is to bring life to your dead garden.

Many clients and landowners move out of countries and their garden remains un-attended. Apex Landscape Works’ expert team of gardeners perform all above activities and add some below activities to make garden lively and beautiful.

Additional Back yard Garden Maintenance services includes all above mentioned activities and Soil Capping, aeration,

Over seeding for lawns, and plantation of seasonal flowers like marigold, Vinca, peri-winkles, petunia, zinnia, gazania etc