Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping In DubaiThe combination of soft landscaping, soft landscaping, garden décor lights, water features and swimming pool is the definition of backyard lovely garden.

Hard landscape is a choice and selection of beautiful pavers, stones capes, tiles, patios, sand stones, and natural stones blocks for making attractive pathways, planter boxes and planters, water features, aromatic swimming pools, outdoor beautiful seating area and Barbecue BBQ for outdoor dining and cooking.

Apex landscape works expert designer team suggests and choose best quality Hardscape affordable material for your backyard garden design to uplift it from ordinary to extraordinary

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Planter Boxes most liked hard landscaping feature:

Planter boxes are made up of block works and caped with either sand stone or tiles. These vary in height from 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm and in width 40 cm, 60 cm. These maybe designed straight, oval, round or in different shapes. These are made with selection of plants varies, plants size and choice of garden lights to give a lively beautiful look to garden.



Pathways are designed with floor tiling, natural stones, sandstones, artificial turf, natural grass and floor lights or bollard lights. The design of pathways are made for paths and beauty of gardens.



The design and build of patios are essential parts of the garden. Patios are designed with hard landscape substances and tiling work, lights, pergola and gazebos.


Wooden Decking:

Wooden decking; is a blend of antique and modern landscaping, with LED lights. It is one of the best choice made by the Property owners. It lost almost 30 to 40 years. Its beauty never dies. It can be varnished and polished again to look like new with any color of your choice. There is a choice of material selection like timber, Red Meranti wood, Acacia wood, African Wood etc. It may be laid directly on soil or lay down on black sand base.

PVC decking:

PVC decking is entirely Polyvinyl Chloride and contains no wood. It is more expensive kind of decking but the most beautiful decking with lot of colors and shines.

Outdoor seating Area:

For every family having lawn area, want to build an outdoor sitting with Barbecue. We make your dream come true by designing and building outdoor seating Area with beautiful LED lights and combination of lovely flowering plants so you can enjoy in your Garden.


Outdoor Barbecue:

Barbecue is either a choice of foody families and it is necessity of every family who have a backyard garden. The making of grills on charcoal in outdoor atmosphere in beautiful weather. We make Barbecue stand with grills and which is very cheap and beautiful.

Natural Stones, Pebbles and Gravel decoration.

The selection of beautiful flowering plants, garden decorative lights, Natural stones, pebbles black, white or tiger shaped is an art of a genuine landscaper which every one cannot perform. Apex landscape work’s team have over years of experience in making beautiful Gardens with decorated natural stones.


Pavers and Interlocking:

Pavers and interlocking are not only cheap in price, easy in installation but long lasting and beautiful. In pavers, there are lot of colors and design, which can be used for garden decorations, parking lots and filling empty areas. Interlock and pavers are fixed on a levelled black sand base.


Backyard Garden Maintenance and Renovation: