Garden Care Tips


Garden Maintenance Tips

It is not an easy job to maintain garden in hot weather of Dubai, We list below our special garden maintenance tips to keep your garden lush green and healthy.

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garden maintenance tips

Garden Maintenance Tips include following steps:

Tip No: 01 Irrigation System Maintenance.

Keep your irrigation system ready and intact. if it is automated , increase timer setting from 5 minutes to 10 minutes twice a day, because it is hot in summer in Dubai and plants cannot tolerate heat without proper watering system.

Tip No: 02 Use Mulching:

Mulching is one of the best way to keep garden areas moist. It is essential to maintain temperature in plants area. Pine wood mulch is the one of the best option to keep temperature low and retain moisture in planting area.

Tip No: 03 Pest Control:

Control pest in the garden area o keep plants healthy. It is one of essential garden maintenance tips to keep plants and grass healthy. Mostly insect pest attack on flowering plants and natural grass. Use certified chemical from Municipality approved pesticide to control pests. 

Tip No : 04  Cleaning Of Garden:

Mostly insect pests destroy garden, keeping garden healthy, we advice to clean garden area regularly, so pests remain away from garden.

Tip No: 05 Fertilizer application:

Avoid unnecessary fertilizers, use municipality approved fertilizers to grow healthy plants in your garden. 

Tip No: 06 Professional Gardener:

Hire a professional gardener company for your garden watch. A professional gardener company have tools, skills and knowledge about plants varieties. They keep garden clean, lush green and healthy.