25 Nov 2023
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Garden Maintenance Essential Tips

“Thriving Gardens in the Dubai Heat: Garden Maintenance Essential Tips for Year-Round by Apex Landscape Works”


Maintaining a lush and vibrant garden in the scorching heat of Dubai requires a strategic approach tailored to the unique climate of the region. Dubai’s weather, characterized by high temperatures and arid conditions, poses challenges for residential garden enthusiasts. However, with the right expertise and services, such as those provided by Apex Landscape Works, your garden can not only survive but thrive year-round.

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Understanding Dubai’s Weather:

Dubai experiences a desert climate, with soaring temperatures during the summer months and mild winters. The lack of consistent rainfall and high evaporation rates make it essential to adapt garden maintenance practices to suit these challenging conditions.

Apex Landscape Works: Your Trusted garden maintenance Service Provider:

Apex Landscape Works stands out as a premier service provider for garden maintenance in Dubai. With a deep understanding of local weather patterns and years of expertise, Apex is dedicated to ensuring your garden flourishes despite the harsh climate.

Watering Strategies: Irrigation System Installations

One of the critical factors in garden maintenance in Dubai is efficient watering. Apex Landscape Works employs state-of-the-art irrigation systems that deliver water directly to the roots, minimizing evaporation and water wastage. Customized watering schedules are designed to match the specific needs of plants in different seasons.

Plant Selection and Placement:

Choosing the right plants that are well-suited to Dubai’s climate is pivotal for a thriving garden. Apex Landscape Works experts carefully select plants that are drought-resistant and can withstand the intense heat. Proper placement, considering sunlight exposure and wind patterns, is crucial for the well-being of your greenery.

Soil Enrichment and Fertilizer Application:

The nutrient-poor soils in Dubai require regular enrichment to support plant growth. Apex Landscape Works employs specialized fertilization techniques, ensuring that your garden receives the essential nutrients needed for robust plant development. Soil aeration and mulching further contribute to moisture retention.

Trimming, Cutting, and Edging: 

Regular maintenance of your residential and commercial garden’s aesthetic appeal is essential. Apex Landscape Works offers professional trimming, cutting, and edging services to keep your plants well-groomed and your garden looking tidy. Precision in these tasks not only enhances the visual appeal but also promotes healthy growth.

Lawn Mowing:

Maintaining a well-manicured lawn is a hallmark of a thriving garden. Apex Landscape Works provides expert lawn mowing services, ensuring that your grass stays at an optimal height for both aesthetics and health. Consistent and proper mowing practices contribute to a resilient and attractive lawn.

Pest Control and Disease Prevention:

Dubai’s warm climate can attract pests and diseases that pose a threat to your garden. Apex Landscape Works implements integrated pest management strategies, combining natural predators with environmentally friendly solutions to keep your garden free from harmful pests while maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Conclusion: Garden Maintenance Essential Tips

In the challenging weather conditions of Dubai, garden maintenance becomes an art that requires precision and expertise. Apex Landscape Works, with its commitment to excellence, provides a comprehensive range of services, including trimming, cutting, edging, irrigation, and lawn mowing, to transform your garden into an oasis in the desert. By focusing on the unique needs of Dubai’s climate and employing innovative techniques, Apex ensures that your garden not only survives but thrives year-round. With their guidance, you can enjoy the beauty of a lush and green outdoor space, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your home in the heart of the desert city. Interested in the service Contact https://wa.me/+971524837964 to obtain the service or BOOK HERE

21 Nov 2023

Expert Tree Removal Services in Dubai

Precision tree removal services are designed to address the specific requirements of Dubai’s ever-evolving landscape. Whether it’s the removal of a hazardous tree or clearing space for a new project, our team employs cutting-edge techniques to ensure minimal impact on surrounding vegetation and structures. Trust Apex Landscape Works for precise, efficient, and aesthetically conscious tree removal in Dubai.

Professional Tree Cutting Service: Shaping Green Spaces with Expertise.

Our tree cutting services go beyond mere trimming. At Apex Landscape Works, we understand the importance of shaping trees to enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor spaces. Our professional arborists use industry-leading techniques to ensure that your trees not only thrive but also contribute to the overall beauty of your property. Elevate your landscape with our expert tree cutting services in Dubai.

Comprehensive Tree Service in Dubai: Your One-Stop Solutions.

Apex Landscape Works is your comprehensive tree service provider in Dubai. From tree removal to cutting, trimming, and shaping, our skilled team is equipped to handle all aspects of tree care. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to enhance your garden or a business aiming to maintain a pristine outdoor environment, our comprehensive tree services cater to all your needs in Dubai.

Convenient Tree Removal Service Near Me: Timely Solutions at Your Doorstep.

Locating a reliable tree removal service near you is crucial for prompt and efficient solutions. Apex Landscape Works ensures convenience by being accessible to clients across Dubai. Our strategically located teams are ready to provide swift tree removal services, minimizing disruptions to your routine and maximizing convenience.

Top-Rated Tree Removal Companies trust Apex for Excellence.

In a city that demands excellence, Apex Landscape Works stands out among tree removal companies in Dubai. Our commitment to precision, professionalism, and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as one of the top-rated tree removal companies in the region. Choose Apex for unmatched expertise and service quality.

Best and Affordable Tree Removal Service in Dubai: Quality within Reach. We understand the importance of affordability without compromising on quality. Apex Landscape Works offers the best and most affordable tree removal services in Dubai. Our transparent pricing and commitment to delivering value ensure that you receive top-notch tree services without breaking the bank.

Expert Tree Trimming and Shaping: Nurturing Healthy, Beautiful Trees beyond removal and cutting, Apex Landscape Works excels in expert tree trimming and shaping. Our arborists are skilled in promoting tree health and enhancing aesthetics through precise trimming and shaping techniques. Experience the beauty of well-maintained trees with our expert services in Dubai.

Tree Removal Services covers as follows

Climbing Mastery for Precision Tree Removal:

Tailored for smaller trees: Apex Landscape Works employs skilled arborists adept at climbing techniques for precise removal of smaller trees. Our experts ascend using specialized equipment, carefully pruning and cutting branches as they go. This method ensures a controlled dismantling, minimizing impact on surrounding vegetation and structures.

Aerial Lifts and Bucket Trucks: Elevated Efficiency in Dubai: Perfect for medium-sized trees: When dealing with trees of moderate height, Apex utilizes state-of-the-art aerial lifts and bucket trucks. These platforms provide stability and elevation for arborists to access higher sections, facilitating meticulous cutting and removal. The result is an efficient and controlled tree removal process

Crane-Assisted Excellence: Safely Removing Giants in Confined Spaces.

Ideal for large or confined space scenarios: Apex Landscape Works employs crane-assisted tree removal for large trees or those in confined spaces. Cranes provide precision control over the tree’s descent, ensuring safety and minimizing disruption. This technique is especially valuable in Dubai’s urban environment where space is often limited.

Sectional Tree Removal: Strategic Dismantling for Space Optimization.

Perfect for confined spaces: In cases where a tree needs to be carefully dismantled piece by piece, Apex utilizes sectional tree removal techniques. Arborists systematically cut the tree into manageable sections from the top down, using ropes to guide each piece safely to the ground.

Controlled Felling: Expertly Directing Tree Removal in Open Spaces.

For open landscapes with ample clearance: Apex Landscape Works employs controlled felling for trees in open areas. Our experts calculate the direction of the fall considering factors like wind and natural lean, executing precise cuts to ensure the tree falls safely in the desired direction.

Stump Removal: Aesthetic Completion of the Tree Removal Process:

After the tree is removed: Apex Landscape Works ensures a thorough tree removal process by addressing the stump. Stump removal techniques, including grinding or complete extraction, guarantee a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish to the tree removal project.

Conclusion: When it comes to expert tree removal service in Dubai, Apex Landscape Works stands as a beacon of precision, safety, and environmental responsibility. Our mastery of climbing techniques, utilization of aerial lifts, crane-assisted excellence, strategic sectional removal, controlled felling, and meticulous stump removal make us the premier choice for residents and businesses in Dubai. Contact Apex Landscape Works for a transformative tree removal experience, where expertise meets environmental consciousness in the heart of Dubai’s ever-evolving landscape.

01 Jan 2022
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How to do Garden Maintenance?

Regular Landscape Maintenance Work:

Apex landscape Work provides best Landscape Maintenance Services for owners and tenants of the residential and commercial landscape in a very reasonable price.

Our best landscape maintenance Services Includes:

• Cleaning of all garden areas.
• Lawn mowing and cleaning of lawns.
• Pruning and shaping of the plants/shrubs/hedges and tress by expert Gardner.
• Ground cover shaping and edgings.

• Pest and disease control by application of Dubai Municipality Approved pesticides.
• Weed control by hand picking and weedicide application
• Tree maintenance e.g. liming up and maintaining proper form 

• Fertilizer application for healthy plants growth. Selection of fertilizer like NPK, Potassium, Compo, etc
• Edging for lawns by Edge cutter.

• Leaves, trees wastage removal.
• Irrigation system maintenance repairs, maintenance of sprinklers, solenoid valves, poly pipes, dippers, bubblers, emitters, control box, hunter or rain bird timer.

• Garden Lights Decor Maintenance includes, Spike lights, wall mounted lights, bollard lights, or flash ground lights.

Seasonal or Winter Landscape Garden Maintenance:

Seasonal maintenance of landscape is to bring life to your dead garden.

Many clients and landowners move out of countries and their garden remains un-attended. Apex Landscape Works’ expert team of gardeners perform all above activities and add some below activities to make garden lively and beautiful.

Additional Back yard Garden Maintenance services includes all above mentioned activities and Soil Capping, aeration,

Over seeding for lawns, and plantation of seasonal flowers like marigold, Vinca, peri-winkles, petunia, zinnia, gazania etc


24 Dec 2021
Hard Landscaping In Dubai

Hard Landscaping In Dubai

Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping In DubaiThe combination of soft landscaping, soft landscaping, garden décor lights, water features and swimming pool is the definition of backyard lovely garden.

Hard landscape is a choice and selection of beautiful pavers, stones capes, tiles, patios, sand stones, and natural stones blocks for making attractive pathways, planter boxes and planters, water features, aromatic swimming pools, outdoor beautiful seating area and Barbecue BBQ for outdoor dining and cooking.

Apex landscape works expert designer team suggests and choose best quality Hardscape affordable material for your backyard garden design to uplift it from ordinary to extraordinary

Contact us for to design and build in your garden on info@apexlandscapeworks.com

Planter Boxes most liked hard landscaping feature:

Planter boxes are made up of block works and caped with either sand stone or tiles. These vary in height from 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm and in width 40 cm, 60 cm. These maybe designed straight, oval, round or in different shapes. These are made with selection of plants varies, plants size and choice of garden lights to give a lively beautiful look to garden.



Pathways are designed with floor tiling, natural stones, sandstones, artificial turf, natural grass and floor lights or bollard lights. The design of pathways are made for paths and beauty of gardens.



The design and build of patios are essential parts of the garden. Patios are designed with hard landscape substances and tiling work, lights, pergola and gazebos.


Wooden Decking:

Wooden decking; is a blend of antique and modern landscaping, with LED lights. It is one of the best choice made by the Property owners. It lost almost 30 to 40 years. Its beauty never dies. It can be varnished and polished again to look like new with any color of your choice. There is a choice of material selection like timber, Red Meranti wood, Acacia wood, African Wood etc. It may be laid directly on soil or lay down on black sand base.

PVC decking:

PVC decking is entirely Polyvinyl Chloride and contains no wood. It is more expensive kind of decking but the most beautiful decking with lot of colors and shines.

Outdoor seating Area:

For every family having lawn area, want to build an outdoor sitting with Barbecue. We make your dream come true by designing and building outdoor seating Area with beautiful LED lights and combination of lovely flowering plants so you can enjoy in your Garden.


Outdoor Barbecue:

Barbecue is either a choice of foody families and it is necessity of every family who have a backyard garden. The making of grills on charcoal in outdoor atmosphere in beautiful weather. We make Barbecue stand with grills and which is very cheap and beautiful.

Natural Stones, Pebbles and Gravel decoration.

The selection of beautiful flowering plants, garden decorative lights, Natural stones, pebbles black, white or tiger shaped is an art of a genuine landscaper which every one cannot perform. Apex landscape work’s team have over years of experience in making beautiful Gardens with decorated natural stones.


Pavers and Interlocking:

Pavers and interlocking are not only cheap in price, easy in installation but long lasting and beautiful. In pavers, there are lot of colors and design, which can be used for garden decorations, parking lots and filling empty areas. Interlock and pavers are fixed on a levelled black sand base.


Backyard Garden Maintenance and Renovation:

01 Dec 2021
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Chain-link fence

 Unleashing the Power of Precision in Chain-Link Fence

Welcome to the forefront of landscaping excellence in Dubai! Apex Landscape Works takes immense pride in introducing our specialized football pitch fencing solutions, meticulously designed to harmonize functionality, aesthetics, and security. Elevate your sporting facility with our cutting-edge chain-link fencing, crafted to meet the unique demands of football fields in Dubai.

The Vibrancy of Dubai

Dubai, a City known for its dynamism and forward-thinking spirit, deserves landscaping solutions that reflect its essence. Apex Landscape Works seamlessly blends innovation and tradition, delivering chain-link fencing services that go beyond mere functionality – they exude elegance and positivity:

Chain-link Fence Tailored for Sports Solutions

For the sports-loving community of Dubai, we understand the importance of a secure and visually appealing football field. Our chain-link fencing solutions are not just barriers; they are statements. Crafted with durability in mind, our fences offer unobstructed views for spectators while providing a robust shield for the field. At Apex Landscape Works, we take pride in tailoring our fencing solutions to meet the unique dimensions and aesthetic requirements of every sports facility.

Residential Bliss with Chain-Link Fence Elegance

In the residential realm, we believe that privacy and security shouldn’t compromise on style. Our chain-link fences are a fusion of strength and aesthetics, offering an effective barrier without sacrificing the visual charm of your home. The mesh wire design ensures transparency, allowing your property to bask in natural light while maintaining a secure perimeter. With customization options galore, our team works tirelessly to create fencing solutions that complement the unique character of your residence.

Commercial Fortification with fencing

As Dubai’s commercial landscape evolves, so do the security needs of businesses. Apex Landscape Works stands as a beacon for reliable commercial security solutions. Our chain-link fences provide an imposing yet inviting perimeter for commercial properties, from bustling industrial complexes to corporate offices. Sturdy poles and meticulous craftsmanship ensure that our fences not only safeguard assets but also enhance the overall aesthetic of the commercial space.

Key Features of Chain-Link Fence for Football Pitch

Precision Perimeter

Our football pitch fencing solutions ensure a precision perimeter, providing an unyielding barrier that sets the stage for a secure and captivating sporting environment.

Durable High-quality Galvanized Powder Coated Material

Our chain-link fences are crafted from high-quality galvanized powder coated materials, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance, even in Dubai’s challenging weather conditions

Goalpost Guardian

Tailored to protect goalposts and define the boundaries, our fencing solutions act as steadfast guardians, preserving the integrity of the game.

Spectator Sightlines

Enjoy uninterrupted views from the stands with our transparent mesh wire design, enhancing the spectator experience without compromising on safety.

Stadium Security

Secure your stadium with our robust chain-link fences, offering a formidable line of defense against unauthorized access and ensuring the safety of players and spectators alike.

Custom Goal Netting

Elevate the football experience with custom goal netting solutions, expertly designed to withstand the force of powerful shots while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance.

Contact Apex Landscape Works for Residential & Sports Field Chain-link Fence 

Ready to transform your football pitch? Contact Apex Landscape Works today for a personalized consultation and discover the perfect fencing solution tailored to your facility’s needs.

Why Choose Apex Landscape Works

Expert Consultations

Benefit from our team’s extensive experience in football pitch fencing. We provide expert consultations to understand your unique requirements and recommend tailored solutions.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our chain-link fences are crafted with precision and durability in mind. We use top-tier materials and employ meticulous craftsmanship to ensure longevity and minimal maintenance.

On-time Delivery

We understand the importance of timelines in sports facility management. Apex Landscape Works is committed to delivering projects on time, ensuring minimal disruption to your sporting activities.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We believe in delivering value without compromising quality. Our football pitch fencing solutions are competitively priced to meet your budgetary requirements.

Durability beyond Expectations

Dubai’s climate demands resilience, and our chain-link fences rise to the occasion. Crafted from top-tier materials, they withstand the test of time with minimal maintenance, ensuring your investment endures the vibrant seasons of the city.

Apex Landscape Works invites you to elevate your football facility to new heights with our football pitch fencing expertise. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey to redefine the boundaries of security, aesthetics, and performance on your football pitch. Your vision, our precision – together, we create sporting excellency.

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