21 May 2022

Garden Maintenance Tips

Garden Care Tips

Garden Maintenance Tips

It is not an easy job to maintain garden in hot weather of Dubai, We list below our special garden maintenance tips to keep your garden lush green and healthy.

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garden maintenance tips

Garden Maintenance Tips include following steps:

Tip No: 01 Irrigation System Maintenance.

Keep your irrigation system ready and intact. if it is automated , increase timer setting from 5 minutes to 10 minutes twice a day, because it is hot in summer in Dubai and plants cannot tolerate heat without proper watering system.

Tip No: 02 Use Mulching:

Mulching is one of the best way to keep garden areas moist. It is essential to maintain temperature in plants area. Pine wood mulch is the one of the best option to keep temperature low and retain moisture in planting area.

Tip No: 03 Pest Control:

Control pest in the garden area o keep plants healthy. It is one of essential garden maintenance tips to keep plants and grass healthy. Mostly insect pest attack on flowering plants and natural grass. Use certified chemical from Municipality approved pesticide to control pests. 

Tip No : 04  Cleaning Of Garden:

Mostly insect pests destroy garden, keeping garden healthy, we advice to clean garden area regularly, so pests remain away from garden.

Tip No: 05 Fertilizer application:

Avoid unnecessary fertilizers, use municipality approved fertilizers to grow healthy plants in your garden. 

Tip No: 06 Professional Gardener:

Hire a professional gardener company for your garden watch. A professional gardener company have tools, skills and knowledge about plants varieties. They keep garden clean, lush green and healthy.


01 Jan 2022
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How to do Garden Maintenance?

Regular Landscape Maintenance Work:

Apex landscape Work provides best Landscape Maintenance Services for owners and tenants of the residential and commercial landscape in a very reasonable price.

Our best landscape maintenance Services Includes:

• Cleaning of all garden areas.
• Lawn mowing and cleaning of lawns.
• Pruning and shaping of the plants/shrubs/hedges and tress by expert Gardner.
• Ground cover shaping and edgings.

• Pest and disease control by application of Dubai Municipality Approved pesticides.
• Weed control by hand picking and weedicide application
• Tree maintenance e.g. liming up and maintaining proper form 

• Fertilizer application for healthy plants growth. Selection of fertilizer like NPK, Potassium, Compo, etc
• Edging for lawns by Edge cutter.

• Leaves, trees wastage removal.
• Irrigation system maintenance repairs, maintenance of sprinklers, solenoid valves, poly pipes, dippers, bubblers, emitters, control box, hunter or rain bird timer.

• Garden Lights Decor Maintenance includes, Spike lights, wall mounted lights, bollard lights, or flash ground lights.

Seasonal or Winter Landscape Garden Maintenance:

Seasonal maintenance of landscape is to bring life to your dead garden.

Many clients and landowners move out of countries and their garden remains un-attended. Apex Landscape Works’ expert team of gardeners perform all above activities and add some below activities to make garden lively and beautiful.

Additional Back yard Garden Maintenance services includes all above mentioned activities and Soil Capping, aeration,

Over seeding for lawns, and plantation of seasonal flowers like marigold, Vinca, peri-winkles, petunia, zinnia, gazania etc


24 Dec 2021
Hard Landscaping In Dubai

Hard Landscaping In Dubai

Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping In DubaiThe combination of soft landscaping, soft landscaping, garden décor lights, water features and swimming pool is the definition of backyard lovely garden.

Hard landscape is a choice and selection of beautiful pavers, stones capes, tiles, patios, sand stones, and natural stones blocks for making attractive pathways, planter boxes and planters, water features, aromatic swimming pools, outdoor beautiful seating area and Barbecue BBQ for outdoor dining and cooking.

Apex landscape works expert designer team suggests and choose best quality Hardscape affordable material for your backyard garden design to uplift it from ordinary to extraordinary

Contact us for to design and build in your garden on info@apexlandscapeworks.com

Planter Boxes most liked hard landscaping feature:

Planter boxes are made up of block works and caped with either sand stone or tiles. These vary in height from 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm and in width 40 cm, 60 cm. These maybe designed straight, oval, round or in different shapes. These are made with selection of plants varies, plants size and choice of garden lights to give a lively beautiful look to garden.



Pathways are designed with floor tiling, natural stones, sandstones, artificial turf, natural grass and floor lights or bollard lights. The design of pathways are made for paths and beauty of gardens.



The design and build of patios are essential parts of the garden. Patios are designed with hard landscape substances and tiling work, lights, pergola and gazebos.


Wooden Decking:

Wooden decking; is a blend of antique and modern landscaping, with LED lights. It is one of the best choice made by the Property owners. It lost almost 30 to 40 years. Its beauty never dies. It can be varnished and polished again to look like new with any color of your choice. There is a choice of material selection like timber, Red Meranti wood, Acacia wood, African Wood etc. It may be laid directly on soil or lay down on black sand base.

PVC decking:

PVC decking is entirely Polyvinyl Chloride and contains no wood. It is more expensive kind of decking but the most beautiful decking with lot of colors and shines.

Outdoor seating Area:

For every family having lawn area, want to build an outdoor sitting with Barbecue. We make your dream come true by designing and building outdoor seating Area with beautiful LED lights and combination of lovely flowering plants so you can enjoy in your Garden.


Outdoor Barbecue:

Barbecue is either a choice of foody families and it is necessity of every family who have a backyard garden. The making of grills on charcoal in outdoor atmosphere in beautiful weather. We make Barbecue stand with grills and which is very cheap and beautiful.

Natural Stones, Pebbles and Gravel decoration.

The selection of beautiful flowering plants, garden decorative lights, Natural stones, pebbles black, white or tiger shaped is an art of a genuine landscaper which every one cannot perform. Apex landscape work’s team have over years of experience in making beautiful Gardens with decorated natural stones.


Pavers and Interlocking:

Pavers and interlocking are not only cheap in price, easy in installation but long lasting and beautiful. In pavers, there are lot of colors and design, which can be used for garden decorations, parking lots and filling empty areas. Interlock and pavers are fixed on a levelled black sand base.


Backyard Garden Maintenance and Renovation:

01 Dec 2021
alt="chain-link fence"

Chain-link fence

Chain-link fence available for sports fields, commercial and residential purposes available.

These types of meshes are widely used for fencing purposes such as fencing of farms, sport arenas, security establishments, highways etc. The material used is mostly low carbon steel but are manufactured in a variety of coatings. The application of chain link fence determines the type of coating required for the purpose. Some of coatings are listed below:

Electro Galvanized Chain-Link Fence:

It is the most common type of chain link used due to its cheaper cost and resistance to corrosion.

Hot Dip Galvanize Chain-Link Fence:
This type of chain link is used in a much demanding corrosive or high humidity environments. This coatings form a much stronger protective layer of zinc than the electro galvanized coating thus offer larger resistance to corrosion. They tend to be more expensive than the electrogalvanized coating.

PVC Coated Chain-Link Fence:

This type of coating offer excellent resistance to corrosion in acidic and corrosive environments. PVC is non reactive in acidic or high humidity conditions. It offers a tradeoff between electro galvanized and hot dip in terms of cost and resistance to corrosion. PVC coated chain link is weaker in strength than the electrogalvanized and hot dip for the same thickness.

There are many fencing available but chain-link fence is log lasting and durable. It is resistant to corrosions and many weather condition like heat.


We understand that your property is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are there for them to help them accomplish the dreams that they may have for there property. From new construction landscaping to existing landscapes that need a facelift, our professional staff helps you. We want our customers to be there from the moment.

Chain-link fence 18

[Chain-link fence]
01 Dec 2021
Villa Garden Landscaping 345

Artificial Grass with 07 Years Warranty At affordable Price

Apex Landscape Works Supply and Install best quality Artificial Grass in Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Alkhaim and all nearby areas.

Artificial Grass Supply and Installation:

Artificial Grass has its own benefit and beauty. Apex Landscape Works supply and Install very High Quality children and pet friendly Artificial Grass with 07 years warranty. Artificial Grass is supplied and installed with lot of care and responsibility.

How to Install Artificial Grass professionally and hassle free?

Astro Turf Installation Step No: 01 Before Installation of Artificial Turf we need to prepare base by removing of existing excessive sand, dirt, natural grass if existed etc Our experts will arrive at your property and starts preparation of site. Preparation of site for Artificial Turf includes site cleaning, initial levelling, and compaction of soil. They will cut and rejoin irrigation system if it is already installed and they will remove natural grass, debris, gravel, sand etc to prepare site ready for making base for grass installation.

Artificial Grass Installation Step No: 02 Site Preparation: Once excessive soil, grass, debris etc is removed, the initial level of soil is achieved, it will be properly watered and well compacted for making black sand base preparation. Compaction helps in achieving initial level and makes site condition hard in case of future rain.

Artificial Grass Installation Step No: 03 Install interlock/brick edging The use of interlocking edge is not a choice but mandatory. It is used to give shape and sticking edge for grass.

Artificial Grass Installation Step No: 04 Geo-Textile layer Installation: Application of geotextile layer to avoid growing of weeds or grass remains. It is a weed barriers.

Artificial Grass Installation Step No: 05 Black sand Base Preparation: Black sand aggregation up to 5 cm is used make a strong hard base for installation of grass. It is either mixed with cement to make further harder and make a semi-concrete base or it is just made with black sand.

Artificial Grass Installation Step No: 06 Black Sand Base Levelling: A perfect black sand base levelled is achieved by levelling compacted sand. It is a tricky with and it is done with lot of care and professional main power.

Artificial Grass Installation Step No: 07 Artificial Grass laying: Selection of best quality Artificial Grass is not a choice but it is very important for every Garden. Apex Landscape Works Team selects best quality, UV-Resisted, Kids and Pet Friendly grass with high density for your Garden. Laying of grass is done professionally and with more care so desirable result is achieved.

 Artificial Grass Installation Step No: 08 Seaming, edging and Cutting of Grass: After laying of grass, all seams are carefully cut so grass joints may not be visible and fix properly. Joining Tap is used between each grass piece so a proper glue maybe used and proper joint is fixed.

Artificial Grass Installation Step No: 09 Joints Fixing and Gluing: After seaming, joints cuttings, and joining taps are used, Proper glue is done so all joints become stable and invisible. This is very important and tricky part of Artificial Turf laying, So Apex Landscape Works professional Grass fixing team makes it possible with care. All joints and seams are glued properly with cleanliness.

Artificial Grass Installation Step No: 10 Silica Sand Application: Many residential artificial grass does not need Silica sand application but many clients wants to use it for additional care and beauty of grass installations. Apex Landscape Team brings special; grade silica sand and apply and spread on grass and level it properly to achieve desire results. Installation Step No: 10 Site Cleaning: After installation of Best Quality affordable Artificial Grass by Apex Landscape Team, a thorough site cleaning is done.

Artificial Grass installation in Balcony click on Link